4 Effective methods against rats and mice

Rats and mice can cause significant nuisance in our living and working spaces. The need to combat these animals is clear, but how can we do this in an animal-friendly way? In this article we explore different control methods, each with their own advantages and disadvantages, and evaluate their impact on animal welfare.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Mechanical Methods
  3. Chemical Methods
  4. Biological Methods
  5. The importance of tidying up
  6. Summary and Recommendations

1 Introduction

When combating rats and mice, it is important to choose methods that are not only effective, but also respect the welfare of the animals. The Animal Welfare department of the Flemish Government offers both live and non-live disposal options, but strives to use the most humane methods wherever possible.

2 Mechanical Methods


  • Clamps: Traditional traps that can kill or seriously injure the animal.
  • Electrocution traps: Traps that quickly kill the animal by electric shock.
  • Multistage with firing pin: Catch multiple animals in one trap.
  • Live trap cages: Capture animals alive so they can be released elsewhere.


Mechanical traps require no chemicals and provide quick results when properly placed.


These methods can inadvertently capture other animals and require frequent monitoring to ensure humane treatment.

Animal friendliness

Live traps and correctly used electrocution traps are relatively animal friendly if checked regularly. However, traditional clamps can be less animal-friendly.

3 Chemical Methods


  • Rodenticides: Chemicals that affect the animal's ability to clot blood.
  • Chloralose: A narcotic that can be fatal in higher doses.
  • Fumigants: Gases used to fumigate areas from pests.


Chemical methods are effective for controlling large populations and require less labor in the long run.


These methods pose significant risks to non-target animals and can be dangerous to people and pets.

Animal friendliness

Chemical control is generally considered less animal friendly due to the potentially painful and slow method of death.

4 Biological Methods


  • Predators: Use of natural predators such as owls and cats.
  • Biological repellents: Fragrances or plant extracts that repel rodents.


Organic methods disrupt the ecosystem less and are safe for the environment.


These methods can provide variable results and are not always practical in urban environments.

Animal friendliness

Biological control is very animal-friendly, as no direct harm or death is caused to the animals.

5 The importance of tidying up

Unfortunately, there is something that both private individuals and professional exterminators often overlook. Properly clearing areas where rats and mice have been active is crucial for both preventing new infestations and maintaining hygiene. Junk brothers emphasizes the importance of proper cleanup and waste management as an integral part of an effective pest control strategy. Here are some points that underline the importance of tidying up:

Reduction of food sources

Cleaning up food scraps and properly sealing food storage areas deprives rats and mice of their food source, which is essential for their survival.

Removal of nesting material

Materials such as cardboard, insulation and other soft materials are popular for building nests. Regular cleanup helps prevent these pests from establishing and reproducing.

Limitation of shelters

Clearing up clutter and regularly maintaining the environment will ensure that rats and mice have fewer places to hide, giving them less opportunity to go unnoticed.

Prevention of disease spread

Rats and mice can carry several diseases. Cleaning up their habitats reduces the risk of disease transmission to humans.

Junkbrothers offers specialized cleaning services aimed at removing all traces of pests, which not only reduces the chance of re-infestation but also helps maintain a healthy living environment.

6 Summary and Recommendations

In short, there are several effective control methods against rats and mice, including mechanical, biological and chemical techniques. While these methods are effective at tackling pests directly, it is essential to also pay attention to prevention and cleanup.

Hiring professional cleanup services such as Junk brothers is therefore crucial. They not only provide thorough cleaning of the affected areas, but also help prevent future infestations by eliminating potential breeding and hiding places. This combined approach provides a long-lasting solution against pests.

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