Furniture taxi & logistics services

Collect goods from store

Collecting furniture and other goods from stores that do not offer shipping

Transport goods safely

Bringing furniture and other goods from location A to location B

Transporting luxury goods

Expensive furniture and jewelry that must be transported carefully and discreetly

Other transportation services

All other forms of transport that require a driver and van

emergency service

Transport of goods within 48 hours. 
Applicable to all types of transport.

Stress-free service

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Free Quote

Free Quote


Through us Contact Form please let us know all the details of the order.
You can always expect a response within 12 hours.

Non-binding proposal

Non-binding proposal


You will receive a non-binding quote from us. During this period you have plenty of time to ask any questions.

Enjoy the Clearance

Enjoy the Clearance


You can provide us with all the details of the order via our contact form.
You can always expect a response within 12 hours.

Furniture collection

At Junkbrothers we help individuals and companies with the collection of all types of goods, as there is nothing better than extra convenience.

✓ Collection of goods
✓ Collection of furniture
✓ Transporting furniture to and from stores
✓ Cleaning up after death

Transport goods safely

The Junkbrothers specialize in transporting furniture and other goods. We bring everything securely from point A to B, for both private individuals and companies. 

✓ Transporting furniture pieces
✓ Securely wrap goods
✓ Transporting goods for private individuals
✓ Transporting goods for companies

Transporting Luxury Goods

Hiring professional cleaners is useful if you need to transport luxury goods. We provide extra care and precision to ensure that everything goes according to plan. 

✓ Luxury transport and logistics services
✓ Transport of luxury goods
✓ Transport of jewelry

Other logistics services

At Junkbrothers we can provide someone for every type of transport and logistics, please feel free to contact us for more information!

✓ Driver with driving license C
✓ Certified workman
✓ Driver with forklift certificate

Emergency clearance

Transport sometimes needs to happen quickly. At Junkbrothers you can sometimes get a transport service on the same day. You can contact us for this on +32 471 36 51 93.

✓ Always available
✓ Departure will begin within 48 hours

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