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Lander & Hugo

Hey! We are the founders of Junkbrothers, and as part of our mission we clear out a property every month, completely free!

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Why we give away free clearances?

We organize this monthly competition because...

...it sometimes takes quite a lot of time, strength and energy to clean up an entire room.

Unfortunately, there are several reasons why some people have difficulty with clearances.

The economy continues to grow faster and faster, with the result that we have less and less free time.

Some have serious injuries or are enjoying their old age more and more.

After all, we have so many costs in our lives, which makes it difficult to incur even more costs.


This is where the Junk Brothers can help you!

Details about the Competition

✅ There will be every month up to 1 winner chosen for a clearance!

✅ The clean-up is happening completely free! (But a positive review is always welcome 😉)

✅ Your anonymity is guaranteed!

✅ Both private individuals and companies are allowed to participate!

✅ The promotion lasts for as long as we continue to exist!

Give it a try!

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Question one non-binding viewing for our clean-up service via the form below.

Or call us on the number +32 468 15 42 66