Why is my room always messy? Tips & Tricks

Have you ever wondered why some rooms, no matter how often they are tidied, are back to chaos in no time? This article takes a closer look at the reasons why some people tend to have a messy room and how it affects their daily lives. 

Table of contents

1 Introduction
2. Psychological Reasons
3. Practical Reasons
4. Get started yourself: Tips for Cleaning Up
5. When to Seek Professional Help
6. Conclusion

1 Introduction

A messy room can be a source of stress, but for some it is a familiar and even necessary chaos that provides creativity and comfort. We explore different causes of clutter and provide both personal and professional solutions.

2 Psychological Reasons

Creative Expression

For many, a cluttered space is a sign of a creative mind. Research of Carlson School of Management shows that a certain degree of disorder can stimulate creativity and lead to innovative ideas. Read more about this via this link!

Emotional bond

Objects in a messy room are often more than just stuff; they are laden with memories and personal history. For some people, clearing out these items can feel like cutting off emotional ties.

Stress and Overwhelm

People with psychological or emotional challenges such as depression, anxiety or ADHD often find it difficult to keep their space organized. Clutter can be an outward sign of inner struggle.

3 Practical Reasons

Lack of time

In a fast-moving world, time can be scarce. People with demanding jobs or active family lives often find it difficult to find time for regular clean-ups.

Insufficient Storage Space

Many cluttered rooms suffer from a lack of storage space. Without enough shelves, cabinets or drawers, personal belongings can quickly take up free space.

Habit formation

For some, clutter is not a temporary state, but a constant. Without strong tidying habits, it can be difficult to maintain a tidy state.

4 Getting started yourself: Tips for Cleaning Up

Start Small: Choose a small part of your room to start. This can be less overwhelming than trying to tidy the entire room at once.
Create Schemas: Schedule regular times in your calendar for tidying up. Consistency helps form habits.
Use Storage Aids: Invest in storage boxes, shelves and other organizational tools that help use space more efficiently.
Minimize Assets: Consider the Marie Kondo method of taking each item in your hand and asking yourself if it brings you joy. If not, get rid of it. You can find more information about this read here!

5 When to Seek Professional Help?

Sometimes it is not possible to regain control over a messy space. In such cases, professional help can be a valuable option.

Organization Experts: Professionals, like Junk Brothers who specialize in organizing homes can be practical and emotional support and help with the efficient layout of spaces.
Psychological assistance: If the mess is caused by underlying psychological issues, a therapist help address these issues.


A messy room can have several causes, ranging from psychological factors to practical limitations. By understanding why the mess happens, you can develop more effective strategies to tackle it, whether on your own or with the help of professionals.

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