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All our goods can be picked up for free in Hoboken!



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100% FREE

100% FREE

We charge exactly 0 euros for all goods. Good luck finding something unique ;)

OP = OP !!!!

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Since there is no business model attached to this and we would like to keep it free, unfortunately there are currently no free shipping options yet. You can opt for paid shipping at an additional cost. This obviously makes the deal less interesting.)


After your order request, we will agree with you on an address and location in Hoboken.

Junkbrothers is a clearance company. We often have goods in good condition and it would be a shame to throw them away. That's why we decided to give everything that is still good a new life.

We work with a OP=OP system. Be quick is the message! 
We also try to make sure that we give the items away to people who need them, and not to resellers.

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Question one non-binding viewing for our clean-up service via the form below.

Or call us on the number +32 468 15 42 66